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  •  Doubtful to enter a NEW Market or Launch a NEW Product?
  •  Does your business growth taper for no obvious reason?
  •  Does your vision statement correlate to operational objectives 24x7?
  •  Is Governance a challenge?
  •  Does your company have challenges with complying with multiple regulations? (ex: GDPR or SOX or HIPAA or ISO27001 or ISO9000 etc)
  •  Do you have ONE Screen to watch the health of your business?
  •  Do you have KRA and KPI established? Do you audit it often?
  •  Does SoP alone help improving performance?
  •  Do you have a marketing plan for the year? Does it include digital and non-digital strategies?
  •  Do you have a way to measure the effectiveness of the Marketing plan?
  •  Is your business risk managed?
  •  Have you heard that Technology Investment would solve all your issues? Our answer is NOT always!