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Work Flow
Usage And Analysis of Novaportal

Nova portal product of eNova was first launched in the year 2009. Over the years, the product has gone through numerous changes to align to the ever changing learning needs of the Education Industry.

Nova Portal is at par with the international campus-based products such as Blackboard. The Nova Portal product is customizable such that it can manage the MIS aspects of the college with an enhanced look and feel. It is also secure and scalable.

Attendance control has traditionally been approached using time clocks, timesheets, and time tracking software, but attendance management goes beyond this to provide a working environment which maximizes and motivates employee attendance.

Leave Management is the process of managing employee time-offs that include applying for leave, approval, tracking the leave, updating it in the record, and notifying the team. Leave management is an essential HR function.

An online fee management system  is easy to use and implement as you do not need to install a new program or software. Teachers as well as parents, who can pay the fees from the comfort of their homes, at a time of their convenience – instead of standing in queues all day long

A help desk ticketing system (support ticket system) is help desk software that collects and tracks all customer support interactions from various channels—phone, chat widget, email, and social media.